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Demitris Petrides Shona Sculpture Zimbabwe

Demitris Petrides with a Shona Sculpture from Zimbabwe

The Curator

Demitris Petrides has been immersed in the world of Zimbabwe (Shona) Stone Sculpture from a very young age. Born in Zimbabwe in 1976, he was exposed to the works of Shona sculptors as a child and became fascinated by the premise that every image created is said to be released from the stone so that its predestined owner may find it. As an adult, Demitris wanted to ensure the continuity of this dying art form and acted as the bridge introducing these young talented Shona artists into the international arena.

In 2003 Demitris was one of the three world renowned art collectors to be invited as a key exhibitor to the Annual World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland, where heads of state and several other influential individuals were privy to and captivated by this exclusive art form.

A number of masterpieces of the curator’s collection are currently on display outside the United Nations Head Quarters in Geneva Switzerland, Atlanta International Airport and also in the homes of many esteemed global art collectors.

International art lovers have come to appreciate not only the aesthetic appeal of this unique art but also its representation as a art form of self-expression dating back to a time gone by.